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Securing vacant possession

Dealing with private tenants Compulsory Purchase is flawed when it comes to dealing with private tenants! The system doesn’t work! On Estate regeneration schemes, it’s arguably even worse. When Landlords sell properties on Compulsory Purchase terms, they are almost always required to secure vacant possession. That means evicting their tenant. In many cases, the tenant…


Shared Equity

Shared equity schemes Shared equity on regeneration estates is becoming increasingly more common. Some love it, some hate it. Some schemes work very well. Some fail badly. As with many things, the devil is in the detail. This article is designed to help leaseholders affected by Compulsory Purchase consider whether shared equity is a good…


Access to Justice

Entering the Lands Chamber The Lands Chamber plays a hugely important role in resolving disputes. Disputes are common place, sometimes because of genuine disagreements and sometimes because of one party being unreasonable or unrealistic. For example, where leaseholders wish to extend their leases, there is a process where disputes could end up in the First…