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Disability Recreation Unity Movement (DRUM) £2,250

Disability Recreation Unity Movement (DRUM) £2,250 Disability Recreation Unity Movement (DRUM), is a local charity in Watford, which provides a range of affordable, innovative and high-quality day activities for adults with physical and/or sensory disabilities. Some of the daily activities and creative crafts include ceramics, yoga, tai chi, gardening singing and dancing. They cater for…


North London Hospice £1,000

North London Hospice North London Hospice, established in 1984 provides those with potentially life-limiting illnesses with 24-hour physical, emotional and spiritual care. They encourage their patients to live life to the fullest, despite whatever ailments they may have. Our Graduate Surveyor, Adam Newman, was given the opportunity to choose a charity to support during 2018,…



Hillingdon Food Bank Hillingdon Food Bank help the growing number of people who live below the poverty line, which now affects 1 in 5 of us. Their manager Vine-Daniels said “The Hillingdon food bank relies on donations to keep hunger off the streets of our community. This donation will go a long way to put…


PACE £1,750

PACE PACE Charitable Trust is a voluntary organisation which promotes the inclusion and participation of young disabled people in sports, leisure and social activities. Since its establishment in 2004, PACE has gone from strength to strength in the delivery of competitive sport programmes, with the aim of enabling their members to improve their confidence, communication…



Regenerate ‘Regenerate’ provide support to the youth of Roehampton and surrounding areas. One of their centres is based in the heart of the Alton Estate in Roehampton, which is undergoing Regeneration and which we are involved with. With local authority funding for youth work across London being heavily cut in recent years, the work that…