Sawyer Fielding has been working with residents on the Winstanley Estate and York Road regeneration scheme.

Rory who is one of the owner occupiers on the estate nominated the charity Habitat for Humanity to receive a donation from Sawyer Fielding Gives Back.

An affiliate of this charity, HFHGB Homes, was founded in 1996 by a group of local people who were concerned about housing in London and were passionate in their belief that communities needed to be active in providing solutions to the housing problems they face. At its heart, HFHGB Homes is a movement grounded in the local community and a vehicle through which communities can respond to the need right on their doorstep.

Habitat for Humanity’s core focus is on home.  It also works with established partners in over 70 countries to offer a simple, sustainable solution. They partner with and serve low income families and individuals, including orphans and vulnerable children, people with HIV/AIDS, the elderly, single mothers, ethnic minorities and internally displaced groups.

Knowledge and resources are shared across the global Habitat family and with partner organisations, with a united aim of restoring independence to families and communities who need support, not pity.

In 2016 Sawyer Fielding were happy to be able to make a donation of £750 to help this very worthwhile cause.