Project Uganda £1,000

The Kerry West Orphanage Project was founded in 2009.

It supports over 100 children in the Lake Bunyoni area of Uganda, many of which have been orphaned due to Aids or poverty where their parents cannot afford to care for them.

The orphanage also contains a school with many of the 65 children who are boarded there are provided with a daily education. Some of the older children attend schools locally in the local town of Kabale.

In June 2018, a group of volunteers will be helping support the orphanage by building dormitories to provide the much needed accommodation in what was called Project Uganda. One of the volunteers is Harry Sargent of 1st Matchborough Scouts in Worcestershire. Sawyer Fielding’s donation of £1000 was to match fund the excellent efforts he went to in support of the charity. Harry said “without the support of individuals and companies like Dan Knowles at Sawyer Fielding Ltd, programmes such as Project Uganda would not be able to assist worthy causes like Kerry West Orphanage. Without this much needed support, Kerry West Orphanage, would not be able to continue making the huge differences to the lives of the children that they assist.”