Dan Knowles MRICS is the Director of Sawyer Fielding, Dan has been working in Compulsory Purchase since 2008 and has been a Surveyor since 2005. In previous roles, he has worked for Councils and Developers. He founded Sawyer Fielding to give a professional voice to homeowners affected by regeneration. He also regularly puts pressure on Government for reform of Compulsory Purchase law to aid homeowners. Unusually for a Surveyor he has also been personally affected by regeneration (one of two members of our team).

He is a regular speaker at training events on Compulsory Purchase ran by Westminster briefing, Contact Property Training and the Compulsory Purchase Association. He prides himself on being known as the go-to man on all matters estate regeneration from the homeowners perspective.

Dan is also on the Board of Directors of the Compulsory Purchase Association. Within the Association, Dan’s key role is as Chairman of the Estate Regeneration Group, giving him direct contact with Government over proposed changes to legislation that are made by the Association.

The Compulsory Purchase Association is a ‘Not for Profit’ member organisation which seeks to encourage and develop best practice within Compulsory Purchase and Compensation. It brings together and channels expertise in Compulsory Purchase and Compensation from professions such as Solicitors, Chartered Surveyors, Town Planners and Accountants. It promotes the appropriate use of CPO, its best practice; and where necessary, reform.

Outside of work, Dan is married and has one child, a son who was born very early on Valentines day 2017. He also regularly plays football and having grown up in Wolverhampton, is an avid Wolves fan.

Each member of the Sawyer Fielding team have chosen one or two charities to support during 2018. Most donations for the year were made just prior to Christmas through our Sawyer Fielding gives back arm. Dan’s charity for 2018 is Regenerate

Regenerate work with young people and their families, predominantly in youth work. One of their two centres is based in the heart of the Alton Estate in Wandsworth. Along with many of their neighbours, their property is due to be compulsory purchased. In November 2018, when presenting them with a cheque for £2,000, we saw some of the wonderful work they provide with the areas youth. Organisations like Regenerate are vital for today’s youth, with so few alternatives available.

In 2018, we raised £2,000 for Regenerate, part of our overall donations of £10,000 for the year across a number of charities.