If selling on Compulsory Purchase terms, you will need a solicitor to transfer ownership over to the buyer in exchange for the compensation settlement that we negotiate on your behalf.

Selling a property on Compulsory Purchase terms is different from a normal sale. Contractual terms may be different and even who drafts the contract is different. When choosing a solicitor, it is worthwhile considering what experience they have in dealing with Compulsory Purchase sales. As Chartered Surveyors, we would advise your solicitor on the terms agreed and any nuances on Compulsory Purchase sales. Reasonable legal fees are normally paid by the buyer in Compulsory Purchase sales. Most solicitors are able to act on your sale and your related purchase if you have one.

Our panel of solicitors are –

Axiom Stone are based in Edgware. They have dealt with approximately 150 sales on Compulsory Purchase terms and have been on our panel since 2013. Their Nishma Parmar can be contacted on 0208 951 6989 or by e-mail at NP@axiomstone.co.uk






Anthony Gold have a few offices around South London with most of our clients meeting them at their London Bridge office. They have dealt with well over a hundred sales on Compulsory Purchase terms. Their Peter Mantell can be contacted on 020 7940 4000 or by e-mail at pmx@anthonygold.co.uk





Derrick Bridges & Co are based in High Barnet near our head office. Since joining our panel in 2017, they have dealt with approaching 50 sales on Compulsory Purchase terms.

Their Matthew Timmis can be contacted on 0208 449 7326 or by e-mail at MTimmis@derrickbridges.co.uk





MTG Solicitors are based in Hayes. The newest member of our panel, joining in 2017, they have dealt with a number of sales on Compulsory Purchase terms, predominantly in the Borough of Ealing. Their Madhvi Machchhar can be contacted on 020 3026 2513 or by e-mail at Madhvi@MTGsolicitors.com





We want our Landlord clients to be taking proper steps to getting their tenants out when we reach agreement on sale terms. Many don’t so we’ve forged links with a couple of specialist companies we’d like to direct people to.

If you are selling a property which you rent out, it is normal for the buyer to require you to evict the tenant before the sale completes. Many Landlords make the error of believing their tenant will leave when required because of a good relationship with them. Even more try to evict their tenants on a DIY basis and make mistakes which can cost £thousands. Though most firms of Solicitors who deal with property sales will offer to help evict tenants, they can sometimes be more costly and less efficient than using specialist companies. Sawyer Fielding regularly deal with Hector & Finch and The Landlord Group who are specialists in this area. They can get involved with as much or as little of the process as required.

Check out their websites here:

Hector & Finch-cropped




For more information please Download their PDF



Landlord Group


For more information please Download their PDF